Great was the joy when a pair of Spotted Thick-knees (Burhinus Capensis), also known as the Spotted Dikkop, reared two chicks in the Paddagat common area.  Sadly they are no more.  Not to unfairly accuse a cat for their demise, the chances are good however that this was the case as cats were spotted wandering near them from time to time.

Cat owners are kindly reminded that it is compulsory for your cat to have a collar with a proper audible bell.  It is also compulsory that your cat must be spayed.  Residents are kindly requested to keep your cat indoors at night and not to let them roam the estate by night. 



Please be informed that the Welgelegen Board of Trustees recently evaluated quotations from potential service providers for security services in the estate.  A contract of one year, effective from 1 October 2020, was awarded to Niqua Security Services.  We are confident that Niqua will continue to render its sterling services to residents of Welgelegen Estate as in the past.  One of the additional benefits offered by Niqua to residents at no extra costs, is the Cell Panic response which can be activated by users in emergency situations on a 24/7 basis.  A pre-programmed speed dial is installed on the cell phone of residents which the resident can use to alert the Niqua Control Centre of an emergency situation at home and generate a response by Niqua to address the situation. 

Interested residents should kindly send a WhatsApp to the Estate Manager (076 1556 206) by 29 October in order to register their cell phone numbers for the service with Niqua. Two cell phone numbers per Welgelegen household can be registered.  The Welgelegen Board of Trustees strongly recommends that residents make use of this Cell Panic response service.



The failure of certain Welgelegen Dog Owners/Walkers to pick up dog droppings in Welgelegen public areas and even worse, in private gardens, is becoming a big problem.  At a recent Trustee meeting it was resolved that this unpleasant matter unfortunately requires more harsh action. 

 In the August 2020 newsletter, the following appeal was made to residents. 

 “Our Poo Police reports that our friendly request in the previous newsletter has fallen on deaf ears as dog droppings are still to be observed in the Estate.  Is it really such a big ask for certain dog owners to clean up after your canine friend has done its business?  Is it really too much to ask to keep our beautiful estate clean of dog droppings?”

 Unfortunately, this unacceptable situation still continues and has in fact worsened. It has been reported that a resident has been confronted with dog droppings in their (open) backyard and front lawn. Dog droppings on the neat verges and in the beautiful green areas and even on the tarred pavement outside the Estate still continue to frustrate other residents and really tarnish the image of Welgelegen Estate. 

 Kindly be reminded of section 19.1 of the Welgelegen Code of Conduct which reads as follows:

 “Dogs allowed outside the dwelling unit, shall at all times be kept on a leash, and it shall be the responsibility of the resident in charge of a dog to clear up any of its fouling of the common property”

 The Code of Conduct makes ample provision for action against dog owners who do not comply with the rules and the Trustees will now have to take action if necessary. Apart from stiff fines, the actions may in the worst scenario, include removal of a pet.

 Since spotting the culprits is difficult, other suggestions offered to the Trustees include a dog levy payable by dog owners to fund the constant removal of fouling’s to the extreme of declaring Welgelegen a dog free estate. 

 We trust that such harsh actions will however not be necessary and that all dog owners and their family members who walk their dogs in the estate will act responsibly at all times. Residents are requested to report perpetrators.  Your co -operation is appreciated. 



In a reversal of their original decision, the Forestry Department has informed the EC that it will no longer support the reforestation project.  This project was meant to re-establish a natural forest on the approach to Welgelegen Estate by supplying a large quantity of trees.  A scaled-down version of the original plan will most probably be adopted.


 The rain in excess of 100mm over a weekend in January and the recent 70mm over three days in September caused some real damage in the Estate.  The real reason for the damage is in actual fact the Welgelegen sewage pump station situated in the north-eastern corner of the Estate.  Although situated in the Estate the infrastructure is owned and operated by George Municipality (GM).  There is an assortment of problems with this pump station which the HOA has been in consultation with GM for years.  Apart from being an old design and low levels of maintenance, the biggest problem is ingress of storm water into the system during medium to heavy rain. 

 In January this situation escalated to such an extent that overflow from the pump station caused two mudslides damaging four areas of the embankment towards Modderrug and Swart Rivers.  In September yet another overflow and another mudslide occurred causing a further portion of the embankment to give way. 

 The Trustees has escalated the problem to provincial level and a formal damage claim for remedial and preventative work will be instituted against GM.  In the meantime residents who use the walking path next to the fence at the bottom of the Estate are cautioned to be careful going past the unstable area.   

Storm water

 The recent heavy rain also highlighted the growing challenge of managing stormwater.  With more and more houses being build the runoff of rainwater is also increasing.  A detailed report by one of the Trustees identified the numerous problem areas and a long term remedial plan has been drafted.  This includes changes to the northern perimeter fence in particular as no provision was made during the erection of the fence to properly guide concentrated water streams through the fence.

 The project of installing a gabion structure at the end of Mooikloof on the river’s edge (Modderrug River) has been completed.  This project was funded by the Developer.  In September and soon after completion came the 70mm of rain which exposed some shortcomings in the design.  It is difficult for the civil engineer to design a solution when not actually seeing the flood water in action.  Two of the Trustees recently braced the rain to capture on video the behaviour of the water over the new gabion.  A project for remedial adjustments will now be planned.


A big thanks to everybody who participated and contributed to the 30 trees that were planted for Arbour Day.





Due to Covid restrictions a virtual AGM was conducted earlier in the year.  There is however still a need for a physical SGM to be held to ratify a few aspects and to provide members with detail feedback on the progress and intended plans regarding building Estate facilities (office and operational facilities) and upgrading of the entrance gate.  A SGM of members is planned for early December 2020.  Members will be informed soon. 



A warm welcome to all new residents.  Please visit our website for more information and the Welcome Brochure in particular.  Our contact the Estate Manager for an electronic copy of the Welcome Brochure