Wow, what a year!

Who would have thought in January of this year that we will end the year like this?  With a pandemic that has ravished lives, families, economies and livelihoods.  And still does.  And Welgelegen Estate was not spared.

Buzz of Activities

Looking at Welgelegen Estate itself, our estate was a buzz of activities.  A lot of building activities through the year and with almost 20 plans for new houses approved and the Views Frail Care to start, the New Year will be even more active.  This is of course very stressful on residents as the noise and vehicles moving around in 2021 will be even more.  This is of course the negative of an estate at the height of its development.  But as the virus will pass eventually these activities will follow the same route.  (The Trustees resolved to enforce higher and more strict standards on building activities as from January 2021).

Hard at work

Almost everything with regards the pandemic is negative, but in a weird way the pandemic had a positive spin-off for Welgelegen Estate.  Hard work for the Trustees but it forced them to become very operationally involved and in the process exposed a number of issues which can now be addressed pro-actively.  This of course has put a huge burden on the Trustees but the Strategic Plan that was adopted means that the future is much more predictable and planned and will ensure smooth transition to future Trustees.

Highs and Lows

As with life we experienced some highs and lows during the year.

The constant problems with the Kraaibosch and Welgelegen Sewerage pump stations (George Municipality property and responsibility) and the accompanying Welgelegen property damage due to it is a headache.  This has reached a point of the Trustees now engaging with the Western Cape Government and considering legal options.  A number of grievances had to be managed and is unfortunately still in process.  The extent and impact of storm water management and accompanying erosion problems is quite a challenge and will be for the foreseeable future.  The deterioration of the southern perimeter wall is a concern.  The impact of the requirements of the Environmental Management Plan (“EMP”) (with specific reference to the management of the Modderrug and Swart Rivers) is a little bit more challenging than once thought.  And then there were all the complaints to manage…..

On a more positive note the introduction of Turfworx had the desired effect.  Our Estate is visibly looking much better.  Only a few estate gardens were remodeled since our in-house nursery is to produce the plants as buying new plants is not an economical option.  More than 60 trees were planted.  (The New Year will see an acceleration of development of gardens and common green areas).  A lot of alien vegetation was removed (and still will be).  And our nursery has produced close to 2,000 plants already.  Important to note is the positive feedback from estate agents in particular who comment on the neatness of verges and estate gardens which obviously has a positive impact on marketability and property values.  The only exception of course is the negative feedback on the entrance gate which sometimes deters possible buyers.  But of course the good news is that we have made excellent progress on the planning for the new entrance gate and estate operational facilities.  (We are now in the costing phase and will send the plans for Municipal approval early in January with construction hopefully to start in March 2021).  A storm water gabion was erected where Mooikloof meets the Modderrug River as an integral part of the EMP.


Notice is hereby given that a Special General Meeting (SGM) of Welgelegen Homeowners Association will be held on Thursday 28 January 2021 at 15h00 at Carmel Guest Farm, Victoria Bay, George.  The agenda and supporting documentation will be sent to all owners no later than 21 January 2021. 

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In a recent newsletter the new entrance gate and estate operational facilities were presented complete with artist impressions.  Apart from a few enquiries, which were more focused on the esthetics, it seems that major acceptance can be assumed.  We are now in the costing phase with application for plan approval by the Municipality planned for early in January 2021.  A complete project plan and visual presentation will be presented to members at the SGM in January.  In the meantime any additional queries can be directed to the Managing Agent ( and if required an information session prior to the SGM can be arranged.



With the infux of more visitors over the holidays, we once again urge residents (and their visitors) to observe the speed limit of 30 km/h at all times!  Be patient and observe for people and children in the streets (and also the little bit of wildlife still left such as birds and frogs).




Merry Christmas


With all the noise associated with the pandemic and all the negative impacts, it forces us to perhaps slow down a little and think long and quietly about the important things in life like family, friends, health, living a life filled with love and humanity.  And of course realize the frailty of all of man’s creations.  And what is the only thing that is everlasting and eternal.  In other words what is Christmas really about apart from Santa and presents under the Xmas tree?  The magic of Christmas is not in the presents but in HIS presence.

The Trustees wish you and your family a Blessed and Joyous Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy 2021.