Residents are reminded that the WHOA Code of Conduct, to which by virtue of our residence here we are all obligated to comply, limits the number of pets to two (2) per household.  As the occupancy rate of Welgelegen continues to grow, more pets are being introduced into the estate and the more important it becomes to ensure adherence to this rule.  In particular Owners who rent out their properties must ensure their Lessee is aware of, and complies with, this stipulation in the Code of Conduct.

In regard to dogs particularly, there have in recent weeks been an increasing number of complaints about persistent barking and the fouling of sidewalks / open spaces.  The COVID19 lockdown level restrictions have resulted in many more people working from home, increasing those that can be disturbed by persistent barking.  Additionally, as the density of the estate increases, the building activities become closer to existing homes which can also trigger barking.  Dog owners are urged to be cognisant of the disturbance this causes to others, and make every effort to suppress barking as much as possible.  In terms of foulings, whist there are many dog owners who ensure that they clean up after their dogs, sadly there are still those that do nothing about it and don’t care.  There have been many reminders to residents about this which in some cases seems to fall on deaf ears.  It is unfortunate that the disrespectful apathy of a few should cause the WHOA to have to consider strengthening the enforcement of rules surrounding pets, and resorting to issuing fines where appropriate.

The incidents of dogs roaming free also appear to be on the increase.  Please ensure that dogs outside the house are effectively contained within the property.  Complaints have been received of dogs that have “escaped” their property being aggressive toward passers-by.  Such situations are totally unacceptable and residents are in gross contravention of the Code of Conduct.  Continued transgression would require the WHOA to demand the resident finds a lasting solution to such a problem.  When considering adding a dog(s) to the family, residents are urged to consider the limits of the environment in which they are to be kept.  Large and active breeds require open space and regular (i.e. at least daily) exercise, or else they become restless and prone to wander.  Smaller breeds would be more appropriate (and kinder to the larger dog) if residents are not in a position to support a larger or active breed.

Every member / resident of Welgelegen (including pets!!) wishes to live in a peaceful and harmonious environment, but this requires respect and compliance to the rules and guidelines that we as members have determined are appropriate for our estate.  With a little effort, and being considerate of the impact our actions have on others, the rules and guidelines as laid down in our estate Code of Conduct will help us reach this goal.

Members will be aware that compliance to the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act of 2013, will become mandatory with effect from 1 July 2021.  In terms of estate HOA’s such as ours, this requires us to ensure we have the appropriate policies and procedures in place to protect the personal information we need to gather for the effective operation and management of Welgelegen.  Such information should be appropriate to usage, held securely whether electronic or paper based, and never shared beyond what is necessary for the security and running of the estate.

The Trustees are currently reviewing and implementing appropriate POPI Policy and controls for Welgelegen which will ensure we address all relevant provisions of the POPI Act, that our Constitution and related Rules and Guidelines are aligned with these responsibilities, and that we have the necessary POPI agreements in place with any stakeholders who have access to the information of members and tenants.

With the shortening of daylight hours in the winter time, it becomes necessary to review the main Welgelegen gate open and close times.  Pre-dawn and early evening darkness can be a security risk if all 3 lanes at the main gate are open.  Consequently, the following open/close times will be effective immediately at the main gate:

Lane 1 (entry) and Lane 2 (exit) will be closed and locked between 19h00 and 07h00.

Entry/exit via common lane 3 will be boom controlled from 19h00 to 22h00.  After 22h00 the manual sliding gate of common lane 3 will be closed after each entry/exit until 07h00 the following morning.  The night duty guard will open and close the sliding gate for each entry/exit after 22h00.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding in this regard.

The WHOA is aware that there is a level of frustration regarding the congestion at the main Welgelegen gate whenever transporting their domestic or gardener in or out, especially at peak times in the morning or evening. Residents are reminded that their domestic and gardener have priority access to the turnstile over any contractor queue to help speed up the process.

The need to have a record of any non-resident entry to and exit from the estate is an important security measure, and one which should not be compromised.  Covid-19 requirements also forces more regulated entrance of people especially workers.  However, the WHOA is sensitive to the frustration, especially in bad weather, and will consider what alternative arrangements might be appropriate and acceptable to alleviate this.

In the meantime, your kind cooperation and compliance to the standing procedure would be appreciated.  If an alternative procedure can be determined, this will be communicated to residents without delay.  

It should be mentioned that an alternative contractor’s gate is currently being investigated but with no real alternative spot of entry into the estate an effective solution is doubtful.  The outcome of the investigation will also be communicated to residents in time to come.

An additional benefit offered by our security service provider (Niqua Security) at no extra cost to residents, is the Cell Panic response which can be activated by users in emergency situations on a 24/7 basis. A pre-programmed speed dial is installed on the cell phone of residents which the resident can use to alert the Niqua Control Centre of an emergency situation and generate a response by Niqua to address the situation.  Interested residents should kindly contact the Estate Admin in order to register their cell phone numbers for the service with Niqua.  Only two cell phone numbers per Welgelegen household can be registered.

The system works as follows:

  • You are provided a number to store on your cell phone (preferably speed dial).
  • On phoning the number, a USSD code is enacted.
  • This prompts a “Please Call Me” at Niqua Security Control Room.
  • Niqua Security Control Room phones back to enquire about the emergency.
  • If the call is unanswered by yourself, Niqua Security will trigger some sort of response.