Some of you may have missed the previous introduction of the new Welgelegen operational team.  We are therefore delighted to again present to you the new team that will guide Welgelegen Estate toward a new and brighter future.


Adele Liebenberg

Adele will be responsible for all matters financial.  She will also oversee all estate administration and will be the central coordination functionary.

For all general and administrative communication:


Tel                   081 878 1103


For all your accounts and financial related communication:


Tel                   081 878 1103



John Jacobs

The all important aspect of security now boasts a full-time and dedicated Security Supervisor.  With his years of experience in the security industry, John will bring new dedication and standards to this portfolio.

For all security and entrance gate communication:


Gate:               044 – 887 0072



Wayne Julies

With years of experience in general maintenance, Wayne is the proverbial handyman.  As Terrain Manager and Handyman he will be responsible for all technical, building and environmental matters.

For communication and enquiries related to terrain, technical, environmental and specifically building / home improvement matters:


Tel:                  064 918 6921




All official information on WhatsApp will be broadcast to members from the official cellphone with the following name and number.

Name:             Welgelegen Home Owners

No:                  063 098 4208

 Kindly bear with us as we update the existing database for migration to our new phone and please report any discrepancies that you may experience.

Please note that for the month of May, the existing communication line through the Managing Agent is still active and at your disposal.




Following the closure of the contractor’s gate on the south-eastern boundary and with increased online shopping deliveries, there has been a marked increase in traffic utilizing the main entrance gate.  At times there can be quite a bit of congestion, and so residents are kindly requested when needing to stop at the entrance gate to collect deliveries or talk to security, to whenever possible use the 3 parking bays on the WHOA erf to the right of the Cape Estates office nearest the far entry/exit lane.  In this way we would hope to avoid adding to the congestion issue by residents pulling over just after entry, or using the visitor/contractor parking just before entry.  A notice to indicate a parking time limit will be in place soon.  This will ensure that parking for residents is always available.  Your cooperation in this regard would be much appreciated.


Phase 2 of the national COVID-19 vaccination program is fast approaching and all WELGELEGEN residents of 60+ years of age are reminded that they are eligible to register on the national Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS).  Click on .  Vaccines will be administered in phases according to a national prioritisation framework and not on a first-come-first-served basis. 

In Phase 1 currently underway, vaccination efforts are focused on healthcare workers.  In Phase 2, vaccination efforts will be focused on the elderly and those living with illness and will likely start in the third or fourth week of May 2021. People older than 60 years will be vaccinated first, starting with the oldest.  Phase 3 vaccination efforts will focus on the rest of the population, i.e., those younger than 60 years with no underlying medical conditions and will likely start in October 2021. 

Registration on the EVDS provides you with a vaccination code that you will present on the day of your scheduled vaccination.  The program is managed by the National Department of Health.  Most medical aid schemes are likely to have a parallel vaccination tracking system, but you will still be required to register on the national EVDS.  Please help your loved ones, especially if they are not digitally enabled, to complete their registration on the EVDS.