It is well communicated that Turfworx do not render services at private homes.  On a number of occasions members were reminded not to request help from or engage with Turfworx personnel.  This however did not deter members from making enquiries about private services from Turfworx.  During a recent meeting between the Environmental Committee (EC) and Turfworx it came to light that they are being unabated with similar requests at other estates where Turfworx is the official environmental contractor.  This has led to Turfworx forming a Project Team to focus on rendering services at private residences.  The EC is therefore happy to announce that Turfworx now offers a number of additional services to individual homeowners at Welgelegen Estate.

Very important though.  The Turfworx Project Team (“TPT”) operates independent from the permanent WHOA team.  Any work done is a private matter between the homeowner and TPT.  The TPT will also be considered a normal contractor on site and will be required to wear the normal safety attire as required for all contractors.  There will be NO cross assistance between the TPT and the WHOA Team.  The TPT services include (but not limited to):

  • Weed Control
  • Top dressing
  • Fertilizing of lawns and gardens
  • Spring treatments (scarify, top dressing and fertilize)
  • Irrigation installations and upgrades
  • Tree / Rose pruning and maintenance
  • Tree root control (paving areas)
  • Grass supply and planting
  • Landscaping of new and existing gardens
  • Garden features

For further information please contact Jaco Havenga at 060 982 0522 or email:



Our Poo Police reports that our friendly request in the previous newsletter has fallen on deaf ears as dog droppings are still to be observed in the Estate.  Is it really such a big ask for certain dog owners to clean up after your canine friend has done its business?  Is it really too much to ask to keep our beautiful estate clean of dog droppings? 


The Environmental Committee (EC) is planning a special Arbor Day project in celebration of Arbor Week which is 1 – 7 September.  On 5 September the WHOA will celebrate Arbor Day with a tree planting social event.  It will be considerate of Covid-19 safety guidelines.  With our “reforestation” project stalled due to the National Forestry Department’s indefinite postponement of all greening projects, the EC thought it prudent to make a small (miniscule) contribution to combat global warming by a tree planting initiative.

The EC will make a list of indigenous trees available at a cost of R120 per tree.  Members are invited to choose and donate a tree/s.  The EC will prepare the hole and on the day you will plant your tree.  A small nameplate with donor and tree names will be added to the tree later.  Refreshments will be served.  More information to follow.



In terms of the Code of Conduct of Welgelegen Estate, cyclists in Welgelegen Estate must wear helmets when cycling.  This requirement is also stipulated in the by-laws of the George Municipality for public roads and is also applied by organisers of all cycling events of South Africa to limit head injuries.  Most of the cyclists in Welgelegen Estate wear their helmets while cycling, but not all.  In your own interest, all cyclists and parents/guardians of cyclists are reminded of the risks of head injuries in the event of a fall.  All cyclists are urged not to cycle without a helmet, even if they only cycle for a short distance!



Welgelegen has quickly developed from a small farm-like location to a buzzing environment with more and more people and pets visiting the green areas and using the sidewalks and roads on foot, bicycle and even skateboard.  At the same time, there is a huge increase in traffic and the vehicle population.  The only one Toyota and Mercedes of the past have now escalated to many a Honda, Ford, VW, Volvo, BMW, Jaguar and Porsche.

It seems however as if residents increasingly wish to display their driving skills and superior speed of their cars by chasing   through our streets like racing drivers, forgetting that whether you drive a Ferrari of a Fiat, a Merc or a Mazda, the maximum speed in Welgelegen remains 30 Km/h!!  By speeding in the Estate one also places the lives of other drivers, walkers, joggers, cyclists and especially our children at risk.

Rest assured, in our beautiful Estate, a small Hyundai is just as fast as a larger Honda, a medium sized Mazda is as fast as a big Mercedes.  A bicycle may even match a 3 litre BMW on the long straight down Welgelegen Boulevard.   Why not rather relax, enjoy the surroundings while keeping to the speed limit?  Without losing focus on the road, one may then even be able to recognise and greet fellow residents.

Another “stunning” revelation of traffic patterns in Welgelegen is that very few drivers adhere to STOP signs and stop where required.  Some only make a slight attempt to reduce speed when approaching the stop street, which is also not good enough.  With all the new and fancy cars in the Estate it certainly cannot be an issue of faulty braking systems.

Therefore the request to kindly slow down and adhere to road regulations.  Speed bumps and even speed traps will have to be considered in future if there is no improvement.  Therefore …..

The names of cars mentioned in the article do not bear any relevance to those owned by any resident of Welgelegen Estate.  In the same vein, please pardon the satirical undertone of this article.  No harm is intended; please see it as a wake-up call!!


The down-grading of the lockdown to Level 2 came into effect at midnight, Monday, 17 August 2020.  A welcome change is the new provision that a social event at a place of residence is allowed, subject to a limitation of 10 visitors or less.  In this regard, residents of Welgelegen Estate are kindly reminded that the various security protocols for receiving guests in the Estate must still be followed at all times.

The Covid-19 pandemic is still far from over and all residents are requested to continue to take extra care to safeguard themselves, their friends and families as well as fellow residents from the risks of the virus.  This can be achieved by adhering to the various measures such as wearing a face mask in public, applying social distancing and avoiding large gatherings of people.  The curfew from 22:00 to 04:00 in which a person is confined to his or her place of residence remains in force and should be noted as well.

You can now stock up on wine again and hopefully you have been an obedient citizen and have stopped smoking by now………..